Thursday, December 17, 2009


In addition to my other artistic pursuits, I've worked in educational publishing for many years. Recently, I've encountered a disturbing trend. Some publishers and studios are now outsourcing to other countries for illustrations. In many cases, though not always, the art being outsourced is secondary to the more critical pieces; but the reason is simply that overseas artists are willing and able to work for as little as 25% of what American illustrators expect. What's wrong with this picture? Lots! I have seen some of this art, in some cases when the foreign art was poorly drawn and I was asked to then produce new illustrations, which were far more professionally rendered. Now, besides the obvious advantages of going to an experienced, accomplished artist and receiving a superior product, there is another reason to employ us Americans: Illustrators are consumers, too! It's good for our struggling economy to employ Americans. That's why Uncle Sam wants you to stop outsourcing your art jobs. Get better results and feel a warm, patriotic glow at the same time!

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