Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Earlier this year, I was contacted by Patricia Bacall, the multi-talented head of Bacall:Creative, to design a series of superheroic images for a marketing campaign for Crucial.com.  The concept was a very clever and original one: First, find the person in your office whom everyone turns to when computer malfunctions erupt, causing widespread chaos and panic, who is uniquely capable of solving the problem.  Then, nominate him/her online for an award: "The Official Unofficial Office Computer Go-To Superstar" Award, to be precise.  The competition seems to be over now, and the website down, but you can read all about the competition and Crucial.com, plus scan some other interesting data hereCrucial.com's announcement about the contest is available here.

I created six images for the campaign, seen in the above image and the enlarged single hero illustration below.  Click on the pictures for larger views.  Each character was a pastiche of an ordinary office worker and a superhero.  Special thanks to Patricia for finding me and handing me the illustration reins for this very entertaining project!

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